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ZETATERRA Pigments: eco-friendly pigments from natural resources.

ZETATERRA is a series including pigments of natural origin, featuring a wide range of shades, from pale to bright colors. Unlike animal or vegetable dyes, ZETATERRA pigments feature higher overall fastnesses and brighter shades. ZETATERRA Pigments are listed GOTS & ZDHC. Main features of ZETATERRA Pigments: - mineral pigments from natural source - high general fastnesses - dyeing process requires max 50°C temp. - easy water treatment The dyeing method with ZETATERRA Pigments allows to achieve stunning washed-down effects on garments. Having a very good light & washing fastnesses, featuring a high reproducibility, ZETATERRA Pigments can be used in combination to get infinite color shades. They can be applied on cotton, wool or polyamide garments.